Come Off It

Why do we find it so hard to compliment ourselves? As in, why can’t we just look at a fellow sista who is on point, smile and then say to her “you are gorgeous”? I don’t know if you have ever had this moment when you got to a party looking so on point and a babe just rolls her eyes at you, and you start to wonder if you were enemies in your before life.
Some people say envy and jealousy are two of the default settings of women but I strongly disagree. Well envy, sometimes, because we at a point wish we had some stuff other people have, but jealousy I still can’t fathom that out. Some babes are just so jealous that it becomes obvious, they don’t even have the decency to do it secretly.
Why do we say hurtful and spiteful things to one another? Does it make one feel good?  Does it alleviate your pain and sufferings? Is there something you are trying to cover up? Do we wish we had their carriage and charisma? Well, these are separate issues.
But truth is we don’t need all of these to feel good about ourselves…infact you feel better when you put a smile on a sistas face, don’t you?
Well as sistas we get to bump into babes who don’t understand us and we have to deal with the issue not the sista, right?


Well, since we radiate only good vibes we have this discernment that envy and jealousy are most times due to lack of self worth of whoever is involved in it and we try to understand and feel their pain.  I think we just have to send out more positive vibes to those who don’t like it to a point you shut them up. Also, contrary to the “flaunt it if you’ve got it” cliche. We should be mindful where we flaunt because some sistas don’t have the self confidence to understand the message. Envy and jealousy are signs of a less confident woman or no confidence woman.
A self confident woman has no room for envy and jealousy….she knows her worth.

Good day sistas


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