Letting Go Of The Hurt

Forgiveness is a choice, they say, and also a process yet it is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Holding onto resentments and pain cannot only be a major source of worry but can also lead to some psychosomatic effects and we really don’t want to get to such level. I honestly can understand unforgiveness caused by pain -in fact I have had a good measure of it- but believe me we can all come out of it.

It takes our mind and perception being at work.

Are we ready to let go?

Are we ready to see things differently?

This is not an easy choice especially when this pain is caused by deeply loved ones but its a feat that can be achieved. We need to embrace society, make friends and create relationships and you will just see yourself gravitating towards someone to form a bond that will kickstart your healing process. The ability to confide in someone with all honesty and openness is the first step. To cry on a shoulder that offers itself and speak to ears that are willing to listen will go a long way because believe me you will cry.

You will cry just as deep as the hurt you seek to forgive is, and after that the talk, only then will you realise that life is too short to hold on to pains that have nothing but unhappiness and regrets to give you. You will realise what is means to be free and light at heart.

Forgiveness as a process requires time and patience because those hurts will keep replaying in your mind and you have to fight them off because they are not worth your happiness and peace. And once you let it all go, you will feel the burden lifted off your chest ushering you to a life of inner peace.

This doesnt mean we forget whatever it is that has caused us pain, rather it helps us to just look at the hurt, smile at them, pick our lessons and move on while we still guard our territory against being hurt again. It is letting go of all the hurt and resentment deep inside availing us with the opportunity to heal

Forgiveness is beautiful Believe Me.


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