As I mourn A Friend

At a point in life you meet someone who after getting acquainted becomes a friend.
This friend has a way of reassuring you that holding on to life is worth it…

This friend fills a void that only he can…

This friend is always there with a broad shoulder to cry on…

This friend is never short of comforting words when you are down…

This friend shares your vision and dreams….

This friend knows your worst fears…

This friend is just always there…too good.

With this friend you recognize your vulnerability yet you feel safe…

And suddenly, for some unfathomable reason this friend just leaves and the friendship dies and you keep fighting with your spirit and your everything trying to figure out what actually happened.

It is so sad to grieve over a lost friend or a dead friendship and worst still when the cause of the death is unknown and life is not in any way willing to give you explanations.

I mourn for the loss of a friend.

A friend I have always and will always love.



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