I don’t know about other hearts but mine is capable of loving over a million things a million times over. The heart of a woman is her most amazing feature; it has the capacity to love without inhibitions. I love myself. I love everyone I have come in contact with though intensity varies. And most of all I love the art of falling in love, it is so amazing. The butterflies in your tummy feeling, the skipping of your heart beat at the sound of a voice and the cloudy thoughts Ione normally gets. It is just pure excitement
A woman has the capacity to love her spouse, kids, friends, folks, colleagues, clients, name it. Wow! Such a super cool feature you can say. But in my case I don’t just love, I fall in love. I love the feeling it gives, it is just irrefutable.
A heart that loves much is a heart that hurts most but a lovely life keeps on loving irrespective of how many times it has been hurt, it has the ability to draw strength from within. Any heart that has never loved hasn’t lived. Love is life.
I have had and still have the great privilege of falling in love with some of life’s most amazing creatures and for every time I fall I birth a new me. A stronger and resolute me. A me who sees the weakness in myself and others. A me who fills a vacuum and gets mine filled. A me who lets go of all inhibitions just to love and for the sake of it.
For me, love heals and fortifies and I have therefore decided to keep falling in love with the beauty of life because that is the only thing I live for…LOVE.
Love is my propeller in this life.


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