Sex In Their Minds

It amazes me how some men just think that a response to hello translates to an affirmation to sexual intercourse. It is indeed puzzling to me. Courtesy demands I give response to any act or remark that acknowledges me either through body gestures or verbally, so I see no reason why a guy will fast forward his expectations to the realm of sex.
Okay, I can understand saying hello and trying to start a conversation out of admiration but to have already gone ahead to have mind sex with her….incomprehensible. Guys can be pretty funny, you say a hello and expect instant friendship and then a romp…you must be kidding me.
Sex is not a big deal but there should be some vibration, some kind of both mental and emotional arousing process with an aura of romance without these in place sex just sets one off. So I begin to wonder do men actually have sex with feelings or they just get moved by what they see, get hard, dip in, get soaked in a slimy sea, jerk and collapse after a cum…or what?
I am lost.
Women aren’t wired that way especially me. We are moved by what we hear, yes, get us convinced with your words; prove your worth by your actions, engage our emotions and feelings, and let it be a steady process. We are wired for romance…well I am.
I laugh.
So next time when you say a “Hi” just know that what you will get is a “Hello” except we have praying and hoping for that “Hi” and we want to listen to your sweet  nothings just to have a reason to have a romp.
Don’t stretch your luck.


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