Against All Odds

What on earth would warrant the thought of suicide, I ask. I can understand a little level of pain, lack, wants, desires, frustrations, depressions and shattered dreams but I also know that everything can be rebuilt. Yes it can, believe me. Love can be rebuilt as well as happiness and dreams; in fact dreams can be remodeled to come out better than it was first perceived. With a fighting spirit everything can be built from scratch.
Yesterday I thought it was all gone because I was sipping from a cup of hate, ager, sadness, depression and all sadly I sipped for too long but today I am awakened. Awakened to the sweet reality that things can be mended and better still recreated, and I have decided to recreate my everything. But how come I didn’t think of suicide then, well I guess I had  little love for myself And I believe that kept me away from the noose, that is why I think we all need a bit of self love.
Self love is our shield from deadly thoughts.
I love myself. I deserve to be happy. I will live my life. I will be relevant to humanity.
Why would you want to exit the stage long before the curtain is drawn, why? There is so much to offer and be offered in life.
We all have so much to give. I have so much to give. You do as well.
Let us recreate our world and be happy. We deserve to be happy.
Grab your happiness.


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