Dolphin Meets Her Honeybunch.

It was excitement, intense excitement when I saw the text message he will be making a brief stop over in Lagos. Mere words couldn’t express the joy. It was like a prayer answered too fast, way too fast. I always dreamt about this day, this hour, this minute. I fought so hard to hide my emotions from people around me, I was just so grateful that I would be seeing a part of me that I just fell in love with.

With a heart filled with love and joy of actually seeing my love, my friend and a confidant I smiled all through as class was on going. Thank God it was just practical else I’d have written my thoughts as my theory. Everyone could see the sparks in my eyes and the highness in my tone of voice.

Since I met you a lot of things have changed about me. My feelings, perspective and reasoning. You showed me things that I never knew existed, things I never searched for because I just felt they were not there. I made a decision to trust and remain vulnerable to you and I want to remain that way. So when I got the news, I became super elated and impatient. As I waited anxiously I had thoughts of how I would hug you so hard and just rest my head on your chest. I wished I could really snuggle up to you and feel safe and secured. I wished a lot of things. But my shyness got the best of me when I saw you. Guess what? You were no different from what I imagined, you were sweet. Your eyes, the sound of your voice and your nose, me likey.

In so short a time you got to my heart with your words, you know me. It is certain.  But how?
You analyzed myself to me and you were so on point. You reassured me. You made me smile even with tears. You are awesome. I want more. But I couldn’t get more for there was no time for more. I wanted to just lay with you and pour out my heart. I wanted to laugh more with you. I wanted to listen to you talk. I wanted to kiss you alone, just the two of us. But there was no time. It is only natural to want more from a sweetheart.


I hate this shyness, it won’t just let a dolphin give her Honeybunch a kiss. So sad. But you know what? I haven’t had, for so long this feeling of wholeness and satisfaction that I had that day. As I walked towards a cab I was full of smiles that the cab driver had no other option than to smile back as he approached me. As he drove me home all he got from me were just smiles. I think it sort of affected the man too, cos all he did was smile each time he stole  glance at me.
As I got home I refreshed and settled in and out of my excitement I got high became sensual and danced erotically to sleep.
You can bet I slept smiling. With thoughts of my Honeybunch.


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