I Love To Love

The feeling of love is such an amazing thing that once it possesses you you will never remain the same. The pervasiveness of that feeling is something to marvel at, when it takes over you it vaporizes all the negative vibes and takes control of every bit of your being in a way that you see and feel it sipping out from you and affecting everything and everyone around.
This feeling makes you so serene, so receptive to other positive vibes and more willing to spread love and happiness. I love to love. It gives me a will to live, a chance to be free at heart and the ultimate gift of another soul. I think the  most beautiful thing as a soul is to fall in love, not just to find it, because you can find love and not fall in love.


I am blessed. Super blessed. I have fallen in love more than once and believe me the feeling is heavenly. It takes you so high to the realm where loving minds soar in satisfaction. I love love in all its form. It brings out my best. Love makes my depression vanish. Love keeps my weight in check. Love calms my soul. Love is all I need. But first we need the greatest love which is to love ourselves so we can realize and  appreciate when love comes our way and get immersed in it.


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