State Of Aloneness

Sometimes the best place to be is in the land of solitude where you don’t get to see anyone or hear anything. In this land you engage in retrospection with all calmness. You release your emotions to make for a clearer head and a newly defined path. In this land nothing matters. All you want is a fresh start.


A fresh start to life. A correction to your past mistakes. An atonement for all the hurts. A plea for forgiveness. A new opportunity to love right. An escape.
In this land I am holding on to something but it is like I am really not holding anything because I want to let it all go. I want to breathe again.
I desire a new life with inner peace and love and that is why I made this visit to the cabinet within my heart to clear out all the old stuff I have in it. Even if I am in my world of aloneness I am still not alone. I am with me. My head intact.
I love this land but I have got to come home to the very few ones who love me. It won’t be fair to them even if I desire to stay back. But let me just stay one more night, here.


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