Kill The Ego

Naturally women have this issue of attaching too much importance to themselves. They assume airs and hype their status and events in life some times to feel good or to intimidate others. In my opinion, they have issues and yes big issues. It doesn’t make sense to rubbish someone just to have a feel good effect on yourself. But most times I also notice they do it subconciously that’s why we need to know when we start to drift. We need to differentiate ego from our true selves first.

1. Your ego is fearful; your true self is loving.
2. Your ego is usually negative and it loves “okay” and “status quo”; your true self is always positive and adventurous.
3. Your ego keeps you in the comfort zone; your true self makes you grow out of it.
4. Your ego is addictive; your true self is detached and free.
5. Your ego will want you to focus on the external and material; your true self will prefer you to stay focused on your inner wellbeing.
6. Your ego encourages you to lose time in what was and what will be; your true self shows you the now moment as the only reality there is.
7. Your ego is a procrastinator; your true self makes things happen for you.
8. Your ego will teach you how to prefer quantity over quality; your true self will show you how to prefer quality and from there create quantity.
9. Your ego discourages you to speak your truth, it teaches conformity and mediocrity; your true self encourages you to sing your truth out loud, it teaches you to shine your unique light far and wide.
10. Your ego always needs you to prove things, it teaches you to see in order to believe; your true self acts in faith, it teaches you how to believe in order to see.

“The problem is that we have allowed our egos, the part of us which believes that we are separate from God and separate from each other, to dominate our lives.” ~ Wayne Dyer


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