My Opposite Sex Best Friend.

The word friends and love have really been abused despite being overused. I can’t believe that people now equate relationship with an opposite sex to sex, they assume immediately that if a guy is your friend then you two should be getting under the sheets.
For whatever sakes, there are deep relationships that exists without sex not because feelings don’t get in the way but because a lot of times sex takes it to an all new level which compromises our judgement on simple issues.
I am an all time advocate of opposite sex relationship, in fact a million and one times over I’d choose an opposite sex relationship over a same sex because being a woman, we can be our own worst enemies. Most men are visual in nature and just want to get down with whoever they find attractive enough to, fine, but if you sit and discuss issues they will relent and just be cool.
How can a mind judge a relationship from what they see, that’s wrong. I have a male friend, I love him and I appreciate him. I will always be there for him (which “that” mind assumes to be sexually), I will give him hugs when he is low in spirit, I will listen to him, I will sit and discuss issues with him. I will gladly share in his pains and joy, I will be involved and loyal to him and to the friendship.
I don’t know how people build or sustain their friendship but from every sense it seems wrong to me. To love an opposite sex has nothing to do with having sex with him. Guys are humans just like us, they sometimes want someone who will listen to them and reassure them, someone who will massage their ego, someone who will believe in them and is willing to walk with them. These guys are human and if I have someone I call a friend, male or female, I will be super there for that friend.
We are all human with vacuums to fill it doesn’t matter who fills them what matters is filling someone’s vacuum. If you think the only value to an opposite sex relationship is getting under the sheets then you must be truly mistaken. You don’t know what love is. You need to cast and bind that reasoning.
Well, I believe in friendship and love, I believe in sincerity and openness in relationships. I don’t think we have to be all sexual before building an amazing relationship, no, yet I don’t have an issue if sex solidifies a relationship. What I strongly believe is, sex is not a determinant to a healthy life long relationship between two opposite sex.
I love sex but I don’t let it ruin big things like pure and beautiful love.


If I can desire a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a soul to laugh with, a hand to wipe my tears and a hug from a warm soul then I think every other human feels about the same way though with different intensity. It is a shame, our that we have created a new meaning for friendship between opposite sex. May we be guided.
I love my men, we can joke and banter without any emotional baggage. Friendships with men are lighter, more fun they are not so sensitive about things. I enjoy the familial and casual warmth I get from “my men”, hahaha, I can get into their head a bit just to know what they like. I agree that most times men misinterpret the intimacy of friendship for a sexual desire but whatever the challenges of the relationship researchers agree that to succeed as friends, both genders have to openly and honestly negotiate exactly what their relationship will mean and once they got past that, they were home free.


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