I have a conscience

Morality exits outside of religious doctrine. One does not need to be religious to know that murder, rape or incest is wrong. Unlike religious folks who need to be told what to do or what to believe simply because relying on their own judgement is not allowed.
Religion is a poison of the mind .


In some religions women are treated as second class citizens, homosexuals and apostates are put to death . Some religions instruct the husband that if he should fear high- handedness from his wife he is allowed to beat her (lightly either with a hanky or a feather as claimed by some apologists). Firstly, the fact that the husband has been given instructions to beat her is immoral. And secondly – I have not come across anything that suggest a feather or hanky. Once again, this is all lies to cover up the fact that some religion encourages violence towards women. In some religious homes a woman cannot even maintain her own finances? Her husband does that for her. Religion incites conflict and causes segregation as far as I am concerned. Religion makes you lazy to think for yourself. One is oppressed (mind , body and spirit) and  to be quite frank, it is load of hot shit.


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