Just Speaking My Mind.

It is amazing how things happen, things you never thought would dare to have happened and you find yourself living a different life. We all have dreams and aspirations that in a twinkle of an eye disappears when plans are not properly made or decisions are not properly followed.
The beauty of life is that one can always get to ones destination irrespective of the path one chooses. I have come to the realisation that all lives do not follow the same pattern even though they have the same goals set – self fulfilment and success. As a child I wanted to do so many things but sadly my sweet parents couldn’t reason beyond what they knew, so I was sent to school where I was taught to take whatever  life gives me and be glad.
I had great love for arts especially TV, at age five I could read a newspaper in fact it was something I did for my dad whenever he had and uninvited guest to feign he had no time. I’ve always dreamt of a being a TV star. I listened to news on national television so much I wanted to be a newscaster.  Then years later I discovered my passion for acting and my dad did all he could to discourage – me even when I got a script- because, according to him actresses were wayward women.
Acting is a dream I will never let go even as I have evolved into a woman with many other plans. Today I realise my passion for the girl child, for women who are hurt in any way. I want to help younger generation girls accept their femininity in order to lead healthier lives. I want to sexually educate them with all the information to guide them from emotional and physical hurt.
I will use my passion and career to help womanhood. To bring unity, love and peace amongst women ….this is all I want to do. To build stronger women.
I am a lover of women.
Together we will build a strong and formidable force.


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