Happy Married Life To My New Friend.

Wow…its been so long. And I have had some learning times while away, anyways its been good all the same. I made a new friend who recently got married, she is as beautiful as awesome. She loves her husband so much but I won’t, I can’t and above all I don’t get jealous, she is about he same age I was when I got married and had about the same brain I had then too *wink* …u don’t expect me to say she is more matured in that age than I was nah, abi? Hahaha.


Life is beautiful when you marry the one you love and more beautiful if the one you marry loves you. I could see the excitement and sparkle in her eyes as she gave me a sneak preview into their life and love so far …I practically smiled all through the monologue. Well, she is indeed a good story teller and her life and love so far has been good and all I ask God is to put a super to the already good as she makes this transition to marriage.
Marriage is a new ball game, feelings get deep, anxiety lessens and we all relax our selves into oneness together forever. All I could tell her was for her to be happy because that mood affects everything else even her husband. She should be herself, love and treat herself right so she can love and treat her husband and other people in her marriage the same. You can’t give what you don’t have.
My dear new friend who found me worthy enough to confide in and share some of your treasured moments with, may your joy be continually full. May this your union multiply your love and peace. May you and your sweetheart do everything in love….even when u have disagreements kindly do that in love too *smiling*.
I love you. HML


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