Missing An Angel

I thought it would be easy to just let her go as I said, but it turned out I was wrong. As the day approached I felt this feeling of emptiness within me, like some part of me was going on a journey so far. She is not the only one, yes, they are four of them but I have never experienced this type of separation, the only one we had was less than two weeks and it wasn’t easy then. Now I am facing three months of being away from her, of not hearing her voice, of not holding her  every morning when she wakes, of having no sweet girl to scream at and then hug later. I am missing my girl, I will miss her so much.
I ask God to help me with her, watch over her and direct her. I have prayed and prayed in fact I have gone through the prayers severally in my heart to check if I missed any part out. I have asked for all a mother could ask for that I have given up and given God my girl.
It is not an easy task to see your little angel get separated from you, it brings tears to the eyes even though they are tears of joy. She is going out to meet the world with different people, personality and perception. I hope she doesn’t deviate from the virtues that have been instilled in her, I hope she threads always the path of peace, love,  equality and fairness. Most of all I hope she gets to understand people and how they reason, I just wish her well.
I hope I don’t embarrass myself when she eventually strolls in and waves at me, it will be hard, really hard for me. But as a mother I will not relent in prayers, I have loved and will always love her and God loves her too that is why I trust God for her safety and good health.
I  haven’t experienced this before but I am faithful and


moreover it is a phase in her life that leads to greatness. It is well. My prayer is that you be blessed, favoured and respected. May your light shine so bright to affect the lives of your peers positively.
Always remember Love Over Hate.


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