I Am God.

A lot has happened to me and still they are happening. I have just had an awakening and things have started to look pretty different I realised I’ve been fed a whole bunch of lies all my life and I feel really hurt. The deceit in all of this is heart shattering. I am new, I am awakened, I can never go back to being like I used to be.

This consciousness is the best thing that ever happened to me and I won’t trade it for anything in the world. I am proudly who I am, I feel no sorry about it. First I’m gonna say fuck religion, yes fuck it, in every way it comes. It has done so much harm to us, we have been misled and robbed of our real self. We have been given a white man’s version of God when all these while we are Gods. It is a huge shame.
Well I’m going to have to shove this down your throats and you have to swallow..

God is not a man in the sky. God is an infinite intelligent energy. He is not a creator but the source of creation. Everything in life has infinite intelligence as long as you move, eat and breath. I am a part of the infinite energy of creation.

I am God.



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