Sometimes people give us their version of love which we don’t understand or maybe don’t know how to receive them. Sometimes we get carried away by our feelings towards a loved one that we end up justifying whatever they do to us even if it hurts and thereby bottling up our pain. I used to have so much pain in me that made me feel like nothing is worth it, but today I know better, Everything Is Worth It.

Yes, I am a happier and more amazing woman and I can’t wait to see so many of my sistas live through their sadness and misery into a fuller and healthier life. The task is not an easy one but it is achievable. I hope and pray that we all get to meet that one person who will be willing to walk the path of healing and redemption with us to usher us to a whole new world of completeness.

I have met that one and I am grateful and there is no greater joy for me than to be “That One” to someone. That one who will make someone want to live because life is beautiful

Beautiful Enough To Be Lived.

Joy E’lquinn Okeke


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